Monday, December 22, 2008

Hey ya,

This being my first blog... again... The stupid thing kind of died on me last time and well had to start over again...yeah I hate computers. A lot sometimes. 
 Well I got back from Japan last week. Man I miss the place. It is such a different world and is not at the same time. I was excepting comics and anime to be more of a common thing. Not like everyone loves it but just more accepted. There is a larger market but people are a little more judge-mental about it. I mean fashion (at less in Tokyo) is more important then here. But it is so much cleaner and safer then any city I have been too. 
 I also had the chance to hang out with three amazing artist. Mark Schultz, Sanford Greene and Dexter Vines. Sanford Greene has done some comic work but is more known for his character designs.  I would highly recommend checking his work out. He also is one smart ass, I mean damn. He left me speechless. I didn't think that was possible!?  Dexter is an inker for Marvel (Yep, spider man Marvel. ) I actually colored one of his pieces when I was bored over the summer. His line weight and just inking is damn. I think I found another inker to admire! I know I'll be telling you guys what books of his I find!  
 Next, the man...the legend... one of my personal heros in comics. Not just cause of his work (which is breath taking. I would die for original! ) but he is one of the nicest guys I have ever meet. I also got the chance to meet his wife, who is an artist and one incredibly smart people. I am hoping to be able to put work that is at less a shadow of his. Google Mark Schultz comics. He doesn't have a site yet... Hoping that will change soon! 
 It was such a great trip. I wish we had more time there now. It did kill my wallet though, but live and learn right? Hahaha. Also, a friend of mine went, who I think might blow up soon. So go check him out now! Is Tyson Hesse, . Well I need to get to sleep. I will have new art up in the next couple of weeks and I WILL HAVE PRIMAL BEAUTY done Asap!  Have a happy holidays

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