Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I want to work!

I have been reading One Piece, and first off. Damn, what a great comic! I mean the art is breath taking but I think what really gets me is the story. There are so many great characters, looking and background wise. It is full of heart and just great. 
 While reading this, I am up to volume 10 in 2 weeks...money is going out the window but hey hahahaha... ohhh I hate being broke! But, I read this and go...wow I want to try that, or that's cool. I actually am going to try to do more of a Kosuke Fujishima style of hair for now on. Showing more of the hairs and not just a mass of block of hair. I read OH MY GODDES! and ONE PIECE. (I'm into O's haha.) But they do such great work and love the characters and stories. 
 I am kind of rethinking somethings and trying to think of better ways to not only tell my story but make it more in depth. I am hoping for one day to inspire people as much as so many of the artist I have read.  However, that means...GOT TO GET BACK TO WORK! In less then a week I'll be back in Savannah and which means my ass is in GEAR! 
 Now, I have been back to reading manga, which is good for black and white art work and how fast pace they are. However, I know there is a tread for people to just read manga. Manga is great but go out and read some others. Sandman, SuperMan Red Son (Yes Superman- trust me it is amazing!) BlackSad, the Goon! Hellboy! All great works.  OH and Mark Schultz! His work is just...wow! I can't even think of words haha, I'm a fan boy when it comes to him haha! 
 Well hope ya all have a great holiday and New Years. Stay out of trouble and later. 

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